About Us

The Nevada Energy Forum is a growing community of concerned citizens committed to two goals – achieving energy security for our country and holding our elected officials more accountable in shaping energy policies.

We have come together to better educate ourselves about energy issues and to support a balanced approach to increasing American supplies of energy.

We support expanded conservation efforts, development of renewable energy sources and increased domestic exploration of traditional, non-renewable energy sources.

If you believe strongly that we must address the growing challenge of energy security through a non-partisan comprehensive, balanced approach, then the Nevada Energy Forum is your community.

Nevada Energy Facts

Nevada’s transportation sector is the leading energy-consuming sector in the State due to the state’s large tourism industry.  For example, Nevada’s jet fuel consumption is high due in large part to demand from airports in Las Vegas and Reno.

Natural gas is in demand, supplying more than 60% of the electricity generated in Nevada; hydroelectric and geothermal power plants supply a large percentage of the remaining electricity demand (18% in 2015).

Nevada is second only to California in the generation of electricity from geothermal energy.Nevada has plans to further develop renewable sources, including geothermal, wind, and solar power projects.