EDITORIAL: Environmental groups oppose Question 3, embrace a monopoly energy market in Nevada

July 28, 2018

The green energy industry has never been much for markets. In particular, solar and wind production have been goosed by taxpayer handouts and government portfolio mandates, justified as a small price to pay to wean the country off those evil fossil fuels.

But even as technologies improve and the cost of alternative energy comes down, the fact remains that the price of eliminating clean coal, natural gas and other "dirty" sources of energy from the nation's mix would be massive, untenable and economically disastrous.

Green energy producers insist many consumers profess a desire to use renewables. That's no doubt true. The real issue is whether they're willing to pay the actual costs of going green. Which brings us to Question 3 on the November ballot.

Question 3 would amend the Nevada Constitution to direct the Legislature to create an open energy market that would allow consumers to select their own electricity provider. Currently, NV Energy enjoys a monopoly on providing power in the state. The proposal passed with 72 percent support in 2016, but it must be approved again in November to become law...

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